Extreme E: new competition with ... Alonso?

Extreme E: promoters

Gil de Ferran is one from the promoters of the new motorsport category called Extreme E . Recall that Feran is within the structure of McLaren and his relationship with Fernando Alonso is quite good. Well, we still do not know too many details about this new competition, but what we do know is that they will be electric cars and they will use technology developed by their big sister: Formula E.

The unknown is what kind of vehicles will be used, but it seems they could be 100% electric SUVs. It was also not known if it will be a single-brand competition or if there will be several manufacturers competing in it, but now it seems that there are more than 9 brands interested, according to Agag. With form they leave knowing more details, we will be commenting more on these races that seems that they will be quite interesting. In addition, it will not be a competition anymore, but it arises for a very good cause: to raise awareness about climate change .

Formula E and electric SUVs

We know that for this, the cars will roll through areas affected by climate change, that is, when they start in January 2021, they will go to the most extreme and inhospitable places on the planet to compete, screeners destroyed by the hand of man. 5 races with electric off-road in areas near the ends of the world such as the Himalayas, the Amazon, desert islands of the Pacific, the Sahara desert, in the Arctic, etc.

And what pilots will be? Well, Gil de Ferran has assured that he would like to invite Lewis Hamilton and that he already sent a message to Fernando Alonso in case he wanted to join. Will this other competition be in the mind of Fernando Alonso? Well I do not know, if it looks competitive it would be nice to see you there. But it will also depend on the results when you test the Toyota rally car this year, along with the current Dakar champion as a partner. There you will know if you are competitive in that very different category, and if you look strong you could do the Dakar and Extrem E ...

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