Ford will reduce the number of platforms to five to reduce costs

Ford Focus Active Crossover

To this day, we all know the situation that is happening Ford . The only one of the three from Detroit that did not need help in the crisis, could now need it. However, do not be doomsayers, for 2018 held the sixth place as a manufacturer in the world with 5.734.306 million units . Its main problem is on three fronts: generalized sales drop, profit reduction and high structural costs.

To reverse the situation, it is working on several fronts. The first, and most media, the signing of a collaboration agreement with the Volkswagen Group . In the second case, the strategy is deeper, since it will affect its future range of models. To do this, it will carry out a restructuring of its platforms, from nine to five. In this way, the reduction in costs of production and development will be substantial.

Five platforms for 5 million cars

 Ford Edge ST

The first step has been taken with the C2 modular platform using the new Ford Focus . The second platform will be used to manufacture large pick-ups, such as the F-Series or the Lincoln Navigator. In the third case, they will focus their attention on the industrial segment , having as a star the Transit. The fourth option is called CD6 and will be for all-wheel drive or propulsion vehicles. Finally, we must not forget the Fiesta, and other small vehicles, which are based on a derivation of the C2 platform.

All the bases will be adapted to use electric motor systems or alternative Thus, they can adapt all models to the needs demanded by the market. All in all, Ford expects to save a total of 20 billion dollars in the next five years. This figure will come from the simplification in the cost structure as well as greater flexibility in its production centers.

We will have to see how this strategy affects the collaboration agreement with Volkswagen. Rumors suggest that the German conglomerate could give them the use of its modular electrical base MEB . For now, everything is in the air, but what is certain is that Ford needs to reduce costs and improve their accounts. Europe is crucial for your future, and specifically in Almussafes you play a lot. We will be very attentive.

Source - Ford

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