Montezemolo is clear: "Alonso, Lauda and Schumacher were the best of Ferrari"

Montezemolo with Alonso

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo , the ex boss of Ferrari is very clear, for him the best pilots who have gone through Maranello are Fernando Alonso, Niki Lauda and Michael Schumacher. And he places the Spaniard ahead of other riders who got a title for the team because of the situation that Ferrari lived at that time and what Alonso did with those cars, fighting until the last race even in two of the 5 years he was .

Alonso came to Ferrari at a time of lean times for the team, but now he has commented that in the next challenges " I have to be smart with future decisions "and not make the mistakes he made in F1 when he went to teams that did not go through his best moments with uncompetitive cars that did not bring him the world that he really deserves, since he could have surpassed those 7 of Michael without a doubt ...

Fernando Alonso with his award for the victory of the 24th daytona

The 24-hour winner of Daytona, Fernando Alonso , commented that There will be more surprises this year, because he does not know how to be a weekend at home without races, he gets bored and needs to compete. Therefore, now their eyes are on the Indy 500, but will soon announce more future plans, therefore, we can expect more mythical events in which the Spanish two-time champion will participate.

Going back to what Montezemolo says, he commented on the Spanish after that victory that " I'm very happy, Fernando He is a great pilot. He often had difficulty being a team man, but together with Schumacher and Lauda he was the strongest in Ferrari's history . ". In addition, the Italian laments: " I have good memories of him in Maranello, he does not have an easy character, but he has always given everything. I only regret that in 2010 and 2012 I did not manage to win the Formula 1 World Championship despite fighting to the end. ".

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