The new Honda CBR650R and CB650R are already priced. Which one do you choose?

Honda CB650R

One of the leading brands in the EICMA Show Milan was Honda. Well, Honda is always a protagonist, but the truth is that on that occasion it was even more so because it presented a large number of novelties there, especially for its medium-cylinder range. Two of the most important were the Honda CBR650R and Honda CB650R , sports and naked.

The Japanese company is clearly betting on this half cylinder with its 500 and 650 cc engines . And is that the platforms of these two mechanics have a great weight in the commercialization of Honda in the old continent. For this reason, they have endeavored to create striking and modern aesthetic designs , receiving high doses of technology.

The engine of the Honda CB650R and CBR650R is a four-cylinder that produces 95 HP and 64 Nm , with a maximum turning speed of 12,000 rpm.

Honda CB650R

The new naked uses a very fashionable style in recent years years, the neo retro. Honda calls him " Neo Sports Café ". Presents minimalism , purity, aggressive lines and a very compact size; but also of simplicity and technology. Your look, with the LED round headlight , is really attractive.

Regarding the dynamic part, this Honda CB650R uses a 41mm Showa inverted fork, 310mm floating front discs, four-piston front brake calipers and anchor radial, adjustable torque control and anti-rebound assisted clutch.

Honda CBR650R

The regulations, unfortunately, are making it difficult for brands to make profitable 600-cc superbikes, like the legendary Honda CBR600RR from a few years ago. However, the lifelong biker is also changing and looking for a more versatile and economic vehicle, although aggressive aesthetics and correct performance.

That's why a product like The new Honda CBR650R makes a lot of sense. Aesthetically they have taken details of the CBR1000RR Fireblade , making it very sporty. The dynamic part is traced to that described in the CB650R. This model replaces the CBR650F and now offers a more aggressive driving position because the handlebars are 30 mm more forward, having delayed and raised the footrests.


The Honda CB650R , the naked one, has a price of 7,990 euros , although there is an offer of launch with which it remains at 7,650 euros. It is already available at official dealers. On the other hand, the sports Honda CBR650R part of the 9,100 euros , although you have to wait a few weeks for your arrival, at the end of February. The 35 Kw versions for the A2 card are available at the same price.

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