The Range Rover SV Coupé has died prematurely by the Brexit

Range Rover SV Coupé

Today, the most expensive and exclusive model that offers Land Rover is the Range Rover . It is one of the largest SUV's, expensive, powerful and luxurious of all there is. However, the arrival to the world of the Lamborghini Urus, Bentley Bentayga or Rolls Royce Cullinan made its essence evolve. Thus, we were able to meet the Range Rover SV Coupé at the Geneva Motor Show

The SV Coupé represented the most exclusive and luxurious side of the Range Rover . In addition, it served as a tribute to the first of the series, as it had a three-door body. However, Land Rover is going through a bad time in the UK, caused by the uncertainty of Brexit . For this same reason, in the English firm they had to make a drastic decision regarding the Range Rover SV Coupé : kill him.

The Brexit has finished with the most exclusive Range Rover

 Range Rover SV Coupé

The production of the Range Rover SV Coupe was to start in the first months of 2019 . However, Brexit has forced Land Rover to reduce part of its workforce, which places it in a complex position in the United Kingdom. For this reason, they have decided that they can not start production of the SV Coupé, because before they have to satisfy the demand for other more salable and profitable products.

According to declarations of Land Rover


"We have made the difficult decision to inform our customers that the Range Rover SV Coupe will not enter production . Instead, Land Rover is focusing its resources and investments on the next generation of global products "

" With exciting plans of electrification , improved craftsmanship, innovation and technology, we are working to ensure that we continue to offer our customers a selection of leading SUVs in the world "

Another key point for not producing the SV Coupé was your way to production . Being a niche model and very exclusive, it was going to be manufactured by hand in a line attached to the "conventional" Range Rover. For this, they needed many hands and since they had to do without them, the best thing is not to take unnecessary risks (and expenses). We will have to see what happens with the rest of the models, but if the Brexit ends without agreement, we could see Land Rover leaving his native country.

Source - Autocar

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