Volkswagen will debut this electric buggy prototype in Geneva

Volkswagen e-buggy electric prototype

Half a century has passed since vehicles became popular American buggies , the same ones we saw so much in movies that had California as its setting and its beaches. Volkswagen wants to revive that style and, for this, they have created the Volkswagen e-buggy , a electric prototype that will have its world premiere at the beginning of next March, in the Geneva

The Those buggies of the 60s and 70s, in many cases, took as a basis for the Volkswagen Beetle. Now, the Wolfsburg brand wants to demonstrate the flexibility and ability to create different types of vehicles from its MEB platform , the all-electric platform of the Volkswagen Group.

" A buggy is more than a car. It is vitality and energy on four wheels. These attributes materialize in the new e-buggy, which demonstrates on the one hand the appearance that a modern and neo-retro reinterpretation of a classic can have, and on the other the emotional bond that electric mobility can create ", declares Klaus Bischoff , chief designer of Volkswagen.

Volkswagen electric buggy prototype

Looking for a style similar to that of the original buggies, this prototype does not have a fixed roof and doors . In addition, it also uses very short overhangs, raised front, very high wheel arches and large tires with studs to ensure the motor and guided in soft sand. To combine that "beach" and classic style with the times, they have not missed the opportunity to resort to LED optics .

At the moment, the company has not given any data regarding the power, performance or autonomy of this Volkswagen e-buggy. We will have to wait until March 5 , day in which the brand will communicate all the details and real images of the models that will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show.

Volkswagen declares that the MEB platform , in addition to being fully prepared for the creation of large-scale serial models, it also allows the development of special vehicles and very low volume niches , as it would be in this case.

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